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Someone has rightly said, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words,” and the present generation definitely seems to be an appraiser of the same. Speaking volumes with customized tee-shirts and mobile covers, the young generation is demanding quirkiness even in the stationary items. Customized diaries, posters, and slip pads are floating in the market. Well, we have collected some witty and eccentric posters for your room that will surely speak up for your persona without you being required to a word or two. Here’s our collection:


“I am as Sober as a Bottle of Whiskey” Person


We all know someone who refuses even to touch the drink when the party begins but then gulps down the entire bottle towards the end. For such people, the “As Sober As Possible” poster that talks about being sobriety while being surrounded by alcohol bottles, is a perfect fit. Let people know your preferences as soon as they enter your space.    


“I Speak my Mind” Person 

At least once in our life, we all must have crossed paths with people who are brutally straightforward. They prefer speaking their mind out for anything and everything, not wondering about the other people’s reaction. For them, we have the “Tujhe Mirchi Lagi to Mai Kya Karun” poster. After all, this one matches the level of their #ThugLife.


“Ek Garma chai ki Payalli Ho” Person 

Millennials are crazy about tea. No matter how critical the situation is, how hot the weather is or what time of the day it is, all they want is a sizzling hot cup of tea blended with the aromatic taste of ginger, cardamom, etc. The “Iskey Bina Na Ho Payega” poster sets their priorities right in front of everyone, telling them how to keep such people happy always.


“Humare Zamane Mei” Person

 TBT Poster

The next on the list is “Humare zamane mein” person. They are the people who get nostalgic on every small thing. Doesn’t matter what topic you start, they always come up with an interesting story to tell. To celebrate their nostalgia, their life experiences, and their overwhelming stories, we have the “TBT” poster.


“But First, Coffee” Person 

People who are like, “But first Coffee,” and keep on roaming around like a Zombie, until served with coffee are best to go for the “Procaffeineating” poster. This poster shall work as an alarm for others, telling them whatever you do is after a coffee break (that are endless, by the way).

It’s high time that you stop filling in words for defining your type & let these “Super Se Upar” posters speak for you. Do tell us what type of persona you have and don’t forget to tell your friends about the same. See you soon!

February 18, 2021 — MoreCurry India
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